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I'm Joana, a life and empowerment coach. I help and support people to tap into their power and live the life they know they can have. Taking them to the driver's seat of their life. Moving forward by the desire to achieve their dreams, their goals and using fear as a tool and not as an enemy to run away from.


My mission is to facilitate deep transformation. A transformation that is empowering and authentic to each person. I want you to own each and every part of yourself, build awareness, love yourself (I'm not talking about hot bubble baths and skincare - even if I love them both) and prioritise your well-being.

Our growth and evolution have an impact on the relationship we have with ourselves, with the people in our lives, and the communities and environment we live in. This has a ripple effect that can reach people and places we might not even imagine. I envision individual transformation as a bridge to a collective transformation that benefits not only us but the generations to come too.

I enrolled in Jay Shetty Certification School to study, learn and gain new skills necessary to facilitate this process. This has been a milestone in my personal and professional life. 

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I was raised in Milan by Greek parents. Ten years ago I bought a one-way ticket to London, home until recently. Now I live one hour away from London, closer to the sea and in between the English National Parks.

What started as a fun six-month adventure abroad became the decision that change my life in ways I couldn't have imagined then.

In my mid-twenties I went through a phase of self-discovery, asking myself questions I didn't dare ask before. I started realising that life isn't just happening to me, there is more. I can design my life, taking actions for myself and my dreams as an expression of self-love. Realising how often I sought external validation and needed to belong. The truth though is that we already belong, and when we abandon ourselves we start entertaining the thought that we are not good enough. This feeling of not being good enough was a great opportunity to show up and start choosing myself.

I started practicing. I started small.  It felt empowering. I went deeper. I realised life is 50/50. Sometimes is great, sometimes is not great at all, often both at the same time. And that's what it all is about. I had to learn to navigate all this. No shortcuts.   

I wanted to move forward with more intention. Living a life powered by my courage rather than my fears. What would I do if I felt courageous? What is the role of my fears? I loved what came up. I started exploring what excites me, what brings me joy, what my heart wants and compare how much of that was present in my daily life. As Ester Perel says "Desire is owning your want". I am deserving of these desires and hopes, simply because I am a human being, as you are too.    

Exploration, honesty and awareness made me take the first steps. I tapped into my courage, paused my life in London for a few months and booked a flight to India to start pursuing one of my dreams: yoga teacher training. I wanted to immerse myself into something that felt completely unfamiliar, I was giving myself what I was longing for a long time. I was giving voice to my needs and desires. What once was just a dream at that moment was my reality. This happened through action, by feeling courageous and using my fears to actually see what needed to be done. This was just the beginning, nothing turned out easier after this. I had to make many decisions. My growth was exponential to the challenges I had to face.   


Over ten years ago I met a life coach and I came across this process. I started reading so much literature about self-development, growth, psychology, how we function and why we do what we do. Human behavior has always been fascinating to me. I love every single aspect of it.

At the time, I didn't dare to think I could pursue this as my job. Hi fears and limits, you again!     

But I planted a seed for the future. And I am so grateful to 19 years old me. I caught myself thinking that I can't do this. It is something that other people do. Myself a life coach? Nah. But then, wait for a second: why not me? I couldn't find an answer. So after some thinking (and unnecessary overthinking), I enrolled in Jay Shetty's certification school to become a life coach. Yay!

I am grateful to myself for committing to the life I want to experience, moving through obstacles, lowering the volume of the voice inside my head telling me it's not possible. I am also so grateful for the support I receive every day from the people in my life. Thank you! 

I often ask myself if I am inspired by the way I am living life. A life where it is not force, struggle, competition motivating me, or doing more and better because I am not enough or don't do enough. My idea is to simplify the way we live, remove, peel the layers away. What motivates me now is love for myself and others, accepting parts of me that I didn't even want to look at, navigating difficulties (and I had to face some big ones) with grace, courage and trust.

I am willing to feel uncomfortable, fearful and awkward during the process. Supporting you to do the same is a big source of inspiration for me. Witnessing your transformation, you moving with(!) your emotions. Creating value together. Co-creating what is coming for you. I am honored and I don't give your trust for granted. Thank you!     

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