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Coaching is a partnership, where you are the expert of your life and I hold space for you to uncover or rediscover the answers that lie within. You might have many thoughts and emotions entangled to each other, my commitment is to detangle all these threads to be able to see everything with clarity and from a different perspective. 

This is a process that allows you to explore and get to know yourself on a deeper level. I believe it is this deep knowledge that facilitates change, which permits us to transform and move towards the destination we want to reach.


My aim is to guide you through the (re)discovery of your full potential, starting by building strong awareness. I will help you with this. I will show you techniques, tools and monitor progress together.

I recognise you are the expert and master of your own life and I want to empower you while respecting your autonomy. 

It is a process of inquiry with the intent to provoke critical thinking, clarify fears and doubts affecting your outlook and behavior. This method can allow the growth of an independent thinker. By activating the creative mind I want to facilitate growth. Creative thoughts emerge as you pull out and connect bits of stored information in a new way to answer thought-provoking questions.

I also want to be clear about what I don’t do.

I don’t provide solutions to your issues. Hurry up your growth. Assume that I know what you are going through. Prescribe goals or decisions. Judge you.

I really believe that often advice, especially when unsolicited, can be painful and inappropriate. I know this from my personal experience too - from both sides! 

Coaching is about looking at all the stuff and obstacles that prevent you from moving forward and being in the driver’s seat of your own mind. 


Things like:

  • Habitual people-pleasing that leaves you feeling resentful and irritated, with them and yourself.

  • Losing all your time and energy because you’re unable to say ‘no’.

  • Fear of being judged.

  • Seeking external fulfillment or recognition to move forward.

  • Struggling to express your feelings, needs and desires.

  • Living in fight/flight/freeze (kind of more like surviving than living though, right?)

  • Perfectionism that slams the brakes on your ambition.

  • Paralysis caused by imposter syndrome and an inner critic that won’t quiet down.

  • Struggling to do the things that will make a difference to your daily life.

  • Focusing on problems and obstacles.

If this sounds familiar to you then this is the chance to do things differently. Take a moment to visualise the matters that bother you and see how they are making your life quite less enjoyable than what you know it could be. Now I want you to know that you can make a change. All this is about doing less. It’s often a matter of simplifying, peeling layers. It’s not about doing more, but doing it intentionally. Doing what really resonates with you, understanding what really does. In fact all this it’s not only about doing, but it’s about being. You are a human being and not a human doing. We want to master that!

You can move forward, grow and reach your goals, without feeling completely drained, scared or exhausted. It’s time to do things differently. We will not stay on the surface, but reach the deeper layers of the mind to understand what is driving the actions, thoughts, feelings and ultimately results.

I really want you to be familiar with showing up for yourself, continuously. No matter what. To create a loving and respectful relationship with yourself. You can become the person who makes yourself and what you need a priority. Peacefully and unapologetically. 

You will start listening to your intuition. Perhaps, the same inner hint that brought you here, on this page. Deep down knowing how important this is. 


Last but not least, what we do on our individual level will affect the collective level too. These efforts will have a ripple effect on everything that is around you, your community and your environment. When we decide to do things differently, we allow other people to see this and do the same. When we chose to prioritise our wellbeing we inspire who is next to us to do the same. And let me add, I don’t mean prioritising yourself at the expense of other people! When we choose to make ourselves happy we are able to love, support and be for others too. As the saying goes: we can’t pour from an empty cup.





My approach is multi-layered. I recognise you as a whole being and work with you in a holistic way. It is fundamental for me to consider all of a person’s aspects. My multi-layered approach wants to enable you to work on all four realms of being: physical, mental, emotional and spiritual. These are the basis of my practice, it will allow you to build a strong foundation to face challenges and achieve your desired outcomes. I see you as a multifaceted unique human and it is my commitment to guide you through the exploration and deep understanding of yourself from different levels.


This is a two-way relationship that holds space to pull out thoughts and opens your eyes to greater ideas. Creating a shift in awareness resolves issues and prompts new actions. We are thinking partners! When we see the world differently, we show up differently and we create results that looked impossible before. 

I’d like to add, working with me might feel challenging at times. But we will get there only if you are willing to go there. I’m on your side. I’m committed to doing anything I can to make you feel safe and supported as you move through this process. That being said, this is not a space for sprawling in stories. It’s one thing articulating and expressing emotions to let them out. It’s another to get stuck in this phase. (E)motion it’s literally energy in motion. I want you to feel enthusiastic about moving forward. Moving to a place of emotional resilience and harmony.


Throughout the duration of our relationship you will:


  • feel seen and heard (my biggest priority!)

  • fall in love with yourself 

  • cultivate self-awareness 

  • create a world to support the way you want to feel

  • understand what you really want

  • create a flexible framework that nourishes you, supports you and gets you where you want in life.

  • take steps forward. Starting with small easy wins builds trust and confidence in yourself. This will set you up for bigger achievements.

  • develop greater awareness of your boundaries and needs and be able to express them with fierce grace.

  • identify and articulate your emotions, recognising their function. 

  • cultivate gratitude and enjoy its benefits. I’m talking about a real felt sense of gratitude. So often its power is underestimated.

  • befriend your mind and understand your thoughts.


If this isn’t for you, I see you and I thank you for passing by. 

And if this speaks to you loud and clear I’m here for that.


If you feel nervous excitement while reading this page…

If your belly says f*ck yes!!!


01 . single


02 . three-months


03 . six-months



  • 1 x 90-minute session.

  • One month e-mail support after the session to ask questions or further support.

  • A recording of the session.

  • Single sessions are thought for a specific block or issue.

  • Agreement: £80

  • 6 x 60-minute fortnightly sessions.

  • E-mail support during the sessions to share wins and ask questions. The e-mail support is very powerful and I really encourage you to use it.

  • This container is designed for a longer journey and customised to your needs and goals. 

  • Agreement: £450 or £150 x 3 months payment plan

  • 24 x 60-minute weekly sessions.

  • E-mail support during the sessions to share wins and ask questions. The e-mail support is very powerful and I really encourage you to use it.

  • This container is designed for deep growth and transformation processes. If you are ready to commit to yourself, your expansion and the work we are going to do together, this is for you!

  • Agreement: £1600 or £270 x 6 months payment plan

I really want my offerings to be accessible and I am happy to offer the Three-Months Practice on a donation basis to anyone who is going through financial difficulty and really desires to invest energy in working together.

If this is you please, don't hesitate, get in touch to introduce yourself and tell me about your dreams, blocks, and what drives you to want to change things.  

There is a spot available every 3 months.

If you want to jump in and commit to yourself...


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